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About  ME   ....Ruby Rose.....I’m a 5th-generation Clairvoyant, Intuitive, Empath, certified card Reader, and a spiritual Advisor. I use my gifts and the Tarot, major and minor Arcana, to provide the answers you need to know. I feel I can bless your life with deep knowledge into life events and insight into the people who challenge you. My experience spans 16 years and I’ve always possessed the desire and accuracy to help others with their problems, while staying impartial and nonjudgmental. I will empower your heart and mind on your journey with peace, love, and a sense of clarity! Allow me to guide your steps with insight ... and let my accuracy speak for itself.
God Bless


no pay per minute readings HERE!     instead pay per CARD reading!

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Ruby has this StarType configuration, and is indeed fortunate, because this is pretty much the whole enchilada, with the most comprehensive vision, brought to bear in the most seminal way in the practical world. Very rare and very auspicious.

her mind is vast and all encompassing, to the point of being visionary - she sees it all. This in itself is very rare.

In addition to this, Ruby has incredible intuition, even psychic powers, where she can sense what is true and real and never fails to communicate this to all who come to know her. She does not have to say a word. She communicates deep information, ideas that are so seminal that they kind of are absorbed almost in an osmotic fashion. Everyone who comes in contact with Ruby takes away some of this information and is affected by it. Sounds almost like an alien, doesn't it?

Well, that's not it. The fact is that she has some rare gifts, and there is seldom enough of her kind of chart to go around. Everyone can benefit from knowing and working with her.


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